you can tell a tree by its fruit.

One of the “benefits” of being my friend is that, chances are good, I’ll end up photographly documenting every tiny thing in your life.  This night Chance and Kelsey came over, and I decided to let David play on my drum kit a little bit.  I’d say he was the “drummers face” down already!

I wrote this today.  I’m feeling so broken.  I’ve got advice and opinions and criticism flying at me from every direction, and all I really want to do is run away in whatever direction will take me to the sun.  There’s no competition here, I’m not even in the fight.  Why would I want to fight for inadequacy?  Feeling like I’m boring and broken is not what I want for my life.  You can give me a thousand lines of want, but in the end, I know the truth.

I feel like I’m falling, but there’s nothing to fall into

I feel like your lying, is only the prelude.

Being held underwater, at intervals for release

Just when you’ve resigned to death, you’re given relief.

My half-lit smile is a result of your half-told truth

and you think I can’t tell as you struggle for a clue

They say you can tell a tree by it’s fruit,

but I still don’t know a thing about you.

Ooooooooooook, enough with the sadness.  Happiness is a choice, I keep reminding myself that.  Random thought of the day:  Make sure your friendships are two-way.  Care about people, but don’t invest in people who never care about you.  If you find yourself constantly asking about someone’s life, and caring about what’s going on with them, and they aren’t the same way, re-evaluate the relationship.  Chances are good, that it’s not good for you.


3 thoughts on “you can tell a tree by its fruit.

  1. this doesn’t need to be said but smashing good job on the pic’s. and thank you for letting us be your friend we see through you “cool” persona into you nerdy side that we have come to love, and yes i do believe this is a 2-way street we are on.

  2. oh your random thought is right on! for me i just need strong people, that are busy too, lol. ones that i know they love me and that know i love them and would do anything i can for them. i am not a good communicator, as far as girlfriends go, so it is hard to make new friends, but as you know, what you see and have been told is what you are getting with me.

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