I did a photoshoot for an insurance agent the other day.  These are going to go on billboards promoting his business.  I had to use my serious masking skills in these to remove the backgrounds completely.  Check them out!

Here’s something that most people probably don’t know about me….. I am a music video FREAK.  I love them.  I have over 100 on my iTunes alone.  Same goes for live music DVDs.  LOVE them.  I’ve been watching them all day… Blue October’s “Argue with A Tree” mostly.  I can’t even explain how much I love these guys.  I remember them sneaking me into shows when I was 16 and couldn’t get into bars.  Hahah, man.  The song “18th Floor Balcony” is on right now…. I swear, it gives me chills everytime I see it.  Maybe because Justin wrote it.  It’s such a beautiful love song.

I spent most of today being a life-size, breathing Barbie doll.  Hair, makeup, blah blah blah.  I’m so girly right now it’s stupid.

When I’m sad, I write.  When I write, I breathe.  It’s nice, like having an extra dose of oxygen.  You once told me that when someone turned the music off, you can feel me suffocating.  It’s true.  I need it.  I started awake last night at about 4 am.  Beating heart, shaking hands, numb legs… Luckily, I was able to fall right back into sleep.  A first.  Maybe tonight I won’t even wake up until the sun calls me.  I wonder if when people ask you not write them off, if it’s only so they can write you off first.

As I was sitting in a pile of crumbled papers and word vomit, I decided that I wanted to remember how I felt today.  It was a good day 🙂


3 thoughts on “Afterthought.

  1. If i were an insurane agent I would want you to take my photos, or if I sold houses… too.
    As a matter of fact, if I were a real estate agent, I would let you design a picture that was cheeky and played of the hillarity of my last name.
    Second note: You are unbelievably gorgeous.

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