Theatre Breaks Loose

So I was thinking today that maybe Composer school had a similar theology to high school speech class.  I’m thinking this because, ALWAYS, my least favorite movement in any piece is the 2nd one.  You know, in speech class, they always said to state your weakest point second.  Save the best argument for last.  End it with a bang, leave them at the same time satisfied and wanting more.  My absolute favorite piece is Winter, by Vivaldi.  The 3rd movement makes me close my eyes.  It’s amazing.  The 2nd movement is my least favorite.  Goes along with my theory. Maybe that’s my problem… I give people too much up front and I don’t leave anything for the last movement.

I made dinner tonight.  I cut an onion, but I’ve cut so many lately that it doesn’t even effect me anymore.  No onion-tears.  It feels like an accomplishment in some way.  Ask anyone, I’m the best onion cutter around.  I made tacos and jalapeno poppers and sauteed corn and general awesomeness.  Posted a last minute invite and had lots of guests.  Love that.  I love my friends.

Last week I was in Dallas for a few shoots.  One was of a band called Theatre Breaks Loose.  These guys are a ton of fun and super talented.  Check out their music at


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