This week saw 14 inches of snow here in Amarillo, TX.  Meaning I was effectively snowed in for 2 days.  Tons of time to think, and tons of time to play my drums.  One was really good for me, the other was…. not so much.  I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who analyzes things as much as I do.  Where I’m going, how things are going to end up, what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

All of these things are not important.

My dogs are the cutest, and they loved playing in the snow.  I also got to see a movie and drive in crazy conditions with Lauren, Macy, and Becca, and went sledding with my nephew.

I made a snow angel, because what else do you do in fresh snow?  Besides pee on it, if you’re a boy.  But I’m not.  So I made an angel instead.  It was cold and wonderful.

I shoveled tons and tons of snow, so much that I woke up today with a killer muscle ache….. which I love.  Makes me feel alive.  You know.  Here are a few pictures from my blizzard of ’10.  Tomorrow I leave for Albuquerque to shoot, then home for a day and back to Dallas.  My life is crazy.

I love my tree :):):):)


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