New Years.

I can’t believe that it’s a new year already.  I feel like the last year was mostly just a blur, and yet I can remember other parts so clearly it’s like watching a movie.  Last year, I went to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, the Hoover dam, Santa Barbara, LA, the beach, Portland, San Francisco, the Redwoods, Seattle, Lubbock….. I can’t even explain how many memories were made, and to think that everything is different is mind-blowing.  6 months ago my best friend and I were driving 24 hour shifts to get to the next city in time and laughing so hard it hurt.  Now she’s married, and has a baby on the way.

My nephew turned two this year.  My brother is 11.  I fell in love with drumming.  I grew one inch (according to my driver’s license! haha). I bought my first house, I rescued a dog.  I ate too many good meals to count.  I was awkward.  I learned when to shut my mouth (mostly).  I decided to not worry about the small things in life that eventually work themselves out.  I made friends.  I lost them.  I laughed everyday.  I learned how to longboard.  And mostly, I became more of me and less of what I thought I should be.

Next year I hope to….

1. FINALLY go see Fallingwater in person.  I’m sure to fall in love with it immediately.

2. Love more and worry less

3. Have the courage to do the things I want to do

4. Change someone’s life positively.

5. See New York City for the first time

6. Run a marathon

7. Skydive

8. Sew my own quilt

9. Give blood!!!!! The intense fear of needles hinders me….

This is only a small, small list.  I hope that 2010 is a year filled with real hope, not just the kind the comes written on a poster.  I want to fly.


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