Bathtime and Lenses!

I just wanted to post some photos up really quick that happened, as most of mine do, when hanging out with friends.  It was bathtime for my nephew Ryan, and he was being so cute I had to get my camera out!  He is cutest kid ever.

Also, I wanted to share a company with y’all.  When I want to try out a lens to see if I should buy it, or if I need something specialized that I’ll only use once, I rent from
Rent Cameras, Lenses, Tripods and Accessories by mail

They have almost everything you can think of, and at great prices!  I would recommend checking them out.  On another note, it’s been freezing, literally, here.  It was 24 degrees most of the day, which means my feet were cold most of the day.  I HATE being cold.  It would be bare-able if snow would fall, but so far it’s just been cold winds.  If you think about it, pray for those who don’t have the shelter to stay warm during this cold season…. I can’t imagine having to sleep out there tonight.

And… for the photos…

Good night!


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