One of my absolute favorite things to do on the whole planet is EAT. I am completely obsessed with good food… and if you’re my facebook friend, that’s probably no surprise, since I upload a food picture about every other day. It really helps having friends that are really good at cooking… which we have in Nick. I’ve been editing this series of pictures that just kind of happened the other night when I was cutting pomegranates. Honestly, they can be seen as a bit gruesome, but sometimes I’m just feeling gloomy, and today is one of those days. Maybe it has to do with my lowered amount of blood, since I had to get blood drawn today. On that note, did you know that one of my goals in life, on my “bucket list”, you could say, is to give blood? I’m TERRIFIED of needles, but I’ve always been inspired by the thought that you can save someone’s life… for free! It just kind of seems like a no-brainer. Of course, getting over that fear is not going to be easy, but what’s the point of living if you stop learning, and growing. It’s what we’re called to do.

Wow, I’m pretty ADD tonight. I’ve been praying about the intense mood swings that seem to accompany creativity. Some of the most creative and inspired people the world has seen were highly depressed, or bipolar, and I guess in that, I’m happy to be included in the group. I just wish my knobs weren’t set at either “apathetic” or “creative but moody”. It’s hard on my heart, to constantly be unfeeling or over-feeling, and trust me, if you think I’m some self-assured person that’s got it all together, you’d be wrong. So with all these crazy, miss-matched things in mind, I present to you what I’m calling “Morbid Poms.”

The crazy times inspiration hits.  As a side-note, to any aspiring photographers, the best advice I can give you is just to constantly be taking photos.  If you can’t have your camera, be thinking about how you would use light, how you would compose, what emotion you want to convey…. the most perfect photo is the one that tells a story.  Now,I’m going to go listen to Emo music and try to get out of this funk… 😉


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