New Moon is finally here!!

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is hang out at bookstores.  I collect books, especially books with illustration, and I’m reading almost constantly.  When I picked up “Twilight” for the first time, it was 2006 and I was bored at another bookstore before a shift at work.  At this time, I was working at the mall and I had a lot of free time to kill.  The cover caught my attention… it was the only copy the bookstore had in stock.  I figured I’d buy it and see what it was about.  I finished it during that shift at work.  I got New Moon the day it came out, and Eclipse too.  I happened to be in California when it released so I spent all day reading it on a beach in Santa Barbara.  Books are like food for me in that, I remember days and events and experiences based on what book I was reading, or what I had to eat.  Tonight at midnight, people everywhere will be crowding theaters to see New Moon in movie format.  I won’t be there…. here is an exact copy of my rant from Facebook:

“Gasp! I’m not going to the midnight showing of new moon. Last year, the number of people more worried about getting a good spot for a fictional world than of being polite, decent, loving people was not only annoying,  but appalling. Fighting, cutting, hateful words… High school all over again. I like Twilight, and I’ll love it even more in a half-empty theatre the next day. :)”

So tonight, if you are braving the crowds, I challenge you to not be so focused on yourself or your experience… how much better would in be if everyone was making an effort to make someone else’s experience perfect?  Let’s love each other and have fellowship together over something that we all love, but remember that the reality is more important and relationships can be built if we treat each other with love and respect.  {And now I sound like a KLOVE commercial…. hahaha} Alright, enough of that!  I’ll leave you with photos I shot of THE Rob Pattinson last year for the Twilight movie appearances… This photos have been featured on many fan sites and are currently being used as avatars for TwiHards everywhere…. Enjoy 😉

Sites that have used these photos:


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